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We Recommend You Hire a Coordinator


WHY HAVE A COORDINATOR? We, here at Brownstone, have been around weddings long enough to know what makes a wedding day stressful. To help reduce this stress dramatically, we strongly recommend each of our brides and grooms hire or appoint a day-of-wedding coordinator for the wedding. Once you choose a coordinator, you should meet with the person to go over the details of what to expect and what he/she is responsible for on wedding day. These meetings help clear up any questions the coordinator might have. We encourage our couples  to hire a professional coordinator, but we understand the money is not always in the budget to do so. Appointing someone to be a coordinator is usually not difficult as long as they are organized and able to delegate tasks well.  A few examples of things the coordinator should be in charge of are: coordinating and running the rehearsal, the music cues with the musicians or playing the  pre-recorded music, sending each person down the aisle to the correct song, communication with vendors like the minister, photographer, and keeping an eye on the time. The coordinator should also be the person with final responsibility to make sure the facility has been left clean and is vacated before the end of the contract occupancy time slot. Those are just a few examples of many responsibilities of the coordinator. The couple, the wedding party members, nor immediate family would be able to be in charge of these things on wedding day because there are too many other things happening with them. We want to make sure these individuals get to enjoy and celebrate the special day stress-free. Therefore, we strongly recommend  there be a coordinator to take care of all the details on wedding day. This makes the entire day go so much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. If you choose not to appoint a coordinator your wedding day MIGHT be your worst nightmare, rather than the day of your dreams. 





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